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The story takes place in the world of Remnant, which is filled with supernatural forces and shadowy creatures known as the Grimm. Prior to the events of the series, mankind waged a battle of survival against the Grimm before discovering the power of a mysterious element called Dust, which allowed them to fight back against the monsters. In the present day, Dust is used to power magical abilities and weapons. Those who use these abilities to battle the Grimm are known as Huntsmen and Huntresses. The series focuses on four girls, each with her own unique weapon and powers. Together, they form a team at Beacon Academy in the city of Vale, where they are trained to become Huntresses.
Team RWBY trains to fight crime and monsters known as the Grimm. Together they will protect the world of Remnant.
There is little to no story progression, and the story wasn&#39;t that interesting to begin with. Every episode has an inconsistent length, with the earliest season often not reaching the 10 minute mark. It has the the classic anime &#39;anti-humour&#39;, which to a lot of people is a huge turn-off. The voice acting also leaves something to be desired. I know that they&#39;re using people from their own work place for a majority of the characters and that could very well be why it&#39;s so sub-par - none of them are trained voice actors.<br/><br/>To be honest it&#39;s hard to give RWBY much credit when comparing it to other animated shows. While some of the fights scenes are well choreographed and extravagant, there are times when it&#39;s lacking in the more simplistic scenes. For example characters don&#39;t portray emotion well.<br/><br/>I think 4/10 was a somewhat generous rating.
This show looks like an Indie game from the early PS2 era. It looks like it was animated by those companies who make ripoffs of Disney movies that you find at the dollar store. It looks like it was made by a 3-year old who just took a &quot;My first animation&quot; course, which he failed, because he&#39;s 3 and can&#39;t grasp the concept of computers yet. Things phase through each other like it&#39;s nothing, there&#39;s no shading, and, for being made for English voice actors, it makes it all the sadder that the lips movements never sync up with the dialogue. I have nothing against Rooster Teeth, I really don&#39;t, and my friends even recommended this show to me repeatedly, but I found the animation so jarring and uncanny that I can&#39;t give it anything more than 1 star.

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